The Kaos Temple – 100 Year Old Church Turns Into Colorful Indoor Skate Park

GetTheAPP BlueOkuda San Miguel has outdone himself with his work on the Kaos Temple Project.

Article- La Iglesia Skate 01

A collective known as the Church Brigade purchased the old church with a vision to rehabilitate it by turning it into a skate park and cultural destination. With the help of Okuda San Miguel, the old church now shines vibrantly with bright colored painting on the walls and ceilings.

Article- La Iglesia Skate 02

A recurring figure, the Kaos Star, can be spotted throughout the refreshed church. The star is meant to be a compass, encouraging individuals to follow your own direction to reach your goals.

Article- La Iglesia Skate 03

The skate park is located in the Llanera of Astuarias, Spain.

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