Spark Designs Solar Powered Beach Huts Made From Discarded Ocean Trash

GetTheAPP BlueI came across an arcle by inhabitat about the designs for solar-powered beach huts made from discarded ocean trash.  Design Studio SPARK hopes to raise awareness of the major threats our oceans face with ocean trash, especially from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Esmates of the size of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch range from the size of Texas to twice the size of the connent United States.


SPARK proposes collecng trash from the South Pacific Garbage Patch, sorng them into colours and recycle them into palm tree-like beach huts for Singapore’s East Coast Park. The beach huts will provide sheltered camping spaces for park visitors. Taking inspiraon from tradional English beach huts and storage hut from Africa, the shape of the beach huts will resemble a pine-cone-like form.

Lucy Wang from inhabitat explains “the palm tree-like structures would be built with a geometric skin manufactured from recycled HDPE (high density polyethylene), a non-biodegradable plasc that SPARK says makes up the majority of the plasc dumped in our oceans. The plan is to recover HDPE from the South Pacific Garbage Patch, color code it, shred it, and then reform the material into 3D sff scale-like shingles that clad the hut.”


“The beach huts’ underlying structure would be made from a pre-cast stem with recycled glass aggregate and a cross-laminated mber frame. Thin film photovoltaic cells would be laminated onto the recycled HDPE scales and help generate electricity for lighng and the interior ceiling fan. Each hut is accessible via a trap door and a steel rope ladder.”

Parley for the Oceans is the inial inspiraon for SPARK’s project. Parley for the Oceans is an organizaon of creates, thinkers and leaders raise awareness and address major threats towards our oceans.


Currently, SPARK is in talks to build these beach huts in Australia.

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