How Will We Be Living in 100 Years from Now

PurchaseApp_A&DApp_iTunes Copy 2Just thinking about how technology changed our lives in the past ten years, it blows my mind imagining  how we could be living in 100 years. Samsung commissioned SmartThings Future Report suggests the top predictions on how life will be in the year 2116.

Expect to see Super Skyscrapers, Earthscraper and Aquatic Cities.


Not only will we build higher, but we will build downward with Earthscrapers tunneling 2 storeys underground. Humans will be able to survive under the sea in underwater Aquatic Cities.

How and where we vacation will change drastically


Drones will carry homes all around the world for holidays. As we start colonizing space, commerical flights into space will be able for trips to the Moon and Mars.


Home Décor will also change drastically as LED room services adapt to suit your every mood and taste. 3D printers will not only build your home, but all your furniture. 3D printed foods will allow you to entertain guests by simply downloading dishes from famous chefs and 3D print your favorite gourmet dishes.

Now I only have to live for another 100 years!

What else does the future hold for us! We have the top predictions from industry professionals waiting for you in our Architecture & Design App. Download now!

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