Headspaces Meditation Pods

GetTheAPP BlueHeadspace Meditation Pods are inspired by geological formations and invite people to practice meditation in calm private space without excluding your external environment.

Founded in 2010, Headspace announce their   partnership with Oyler Wu Collaborative on their latest endeavor.

The Meditation Pods are made of layers of cut wood with a curved seat for users to sit comfortably. Users can use a screen with access to Headspaces library of guided meditation by simply slipping on the headphones and sitting back.

Article-Headspace-Meditation-Pod-05“We’ve already had inuiries about them from around the world, from individuals reuesting a pod in their home, to the curators of public spaces: art galleries, music venues, sports venues, corporate offices – anywhere that people want to actually “see” Headspace.”

The first five will be in our new offices in Santa Monica, including a pod for interview candidates to use before their interview. The roll out will see the pods going into a variety of spaces around the US and the UK primarily with the aim, as ever, of giving as many people as possible the opportunity to try meditation or simply enjoy an established practice in a different way.


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