Dubai Unveils Plans for Hotel with Own Indoor Rainforest

PurchaseApp_A&DApp_iTunes Copy 2Designed by AS Architects, the Rosemont Hotel  Residences plans to build a two- tower complex that will house 5,000 suare feet of rainforest. The two-tower development is designed to host 450 hotel rooms, 80 serviced apartments, 4 meengs rooms and  boardrooms. The rainforest will be located in an elevated outdoor complex with access to a manmade beach, splash pool and an infinity pool.


With sustainability in mind, the splash pool uses recycled water. The infinity pool will have a glass boom for the guests to overlook the gulf. Adding to the lavish amenies, Robotic handlers will transport luggage to the guest’s room.

dubai-dubai-rainforest-07Photos  Hilton

The hotel is expected to open in 2018 in Dubai’s Al Thanyah District.

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