Chocolatexture Bars by Nendo

GetTheAPP BlueWhen I first heard about the chocolatexture bars by Nendo, my mouth immediately started watering. Not only are these chocolatexture bars aesthecally pleasing, but also promise an innovative tasting experience from distinct texture to optimize flavors during the consumption procedure.


The chocolatexture bar has 12 segments and is available in 5 flavors – strawberry, white, butter, mild and matcha. Each segment is an imprinted with a three dimensional pattern of dots, checker boards, zig-zags and waves.


The tasng experience is enhanced by these paerns hing more parts of the taste bud and “going through various procedure such as ‘place on top of the tongue’, ‘bite’, ‘roll inside the mouth’, ‘melt’ and ‘swallow.’” (source:


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